Mitt Romney comes to Anderson

Since Sam Brownback backed out of the presidential race, I was invited to sit down and chat with Gov. Mitt Romney last week in Greenville. I’ve decided to support his candidacy and will serve on SC’s Romney for President. He will be in Anderson on Tuesday (11/6) at 5:45 at the Main Street Deli.

When Mitt Romney took office, Massachusetts had a $2 billion dollar budget, now there are $500 million in trust funds. This astronomical feat was done by reducing waste in government and growing the economy with tax cuts. Spending only grew about 3%. Gov. Romney explained to me some specific savings in their Medicaid Prescription plan, efforts I’ve been working on myself.

Let’s be honest, the mother’s milk of politics is money. You can have the best message in the world, but you’ve got to convey that message to the voters. If you are reading this post, you are (like me) a political junkie that will do your own research. Unfortunately the masses do not investigate. The Romney team is a well oiled machine; better organized than any other campaign I’ve ever seen.

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6 Comments on “Mitt Romney comes to Anderson”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Man, he was handsome back then, too!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good Pick Senator!

  3. Nathan Says:

    Kevin, Glad we’re on the same team!

    Welcome aboard.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been telling you this for months. Glad you saw the light.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I took the liberty of copying and pasting this comment from Ben from the “weathered” blog below.

    Ben Hannah said…
    I find it totally strange that Mr. Bryant would endorse Willard Romney, since he is a member of one of the darkest cults on this planet, a cult that blasphemes God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and calls God, Christ and the Holy Spirit liars, such as: God was once a man, that Christ and the Holy Spirit are celestial offspring of a celestial father and a celestial mother, that Mormons become gods and mrs. gods to rule their own kingdom having celestial children that worship them, and that adam-god had sex with Mary to bring Christ to the earth. There is absolutely nothing in the Mormon faith that is the truth, and most is utter blasphemy. So what gives Willard Romney any standing at all to run this country, there is none , unless a man who blasphemes God, and treats Christ as trash is fit.

    Ben Hannah
    6529 Burnett Creek Road
    Knoxville, Tennessee 37920

    Great point Ben. Love it when people stand up for our LORD.

  6. Coolio Says:

    In Isaiah, he prophecies’ how God will use an extremely pagan king – Cyrus – to restore the kingdom of Israel and it comes to pass. It is pretty big headed of us in our miniscule minds to say that we control our destiny and all choices that might seem right at the time are not what His plans are for us. I have no problem voting a straight republican ticket because I feel that no matter any individuals personal followings their primary “conservative” nature is most similar to mine than any democrat.

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