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putting the brakes on national id

February 28, 2007

We gave S. 449 favorable report in Transportation Sub Committee Wednesday morning. This bill basically delays the requirement of the DMV to adhere to the Federal Mandate of Real ID until the policy is reasonably changed. The law was passed in the name of security, yet it is another example of government punishing law-abiding citizens while attempting to catch criminals and terrorists. An excerpt from S. 449:

“”Section 56-1-85. The State will not participate in the implementation of the Real ID Act until:
(1) it is expressly guaranteed, through regulation by the Department of Homeland Security, that implementation of the Real ID Act will not compromise the economic privacy or biological sanctity of any citizen or resident of the State of South Carolina;
(2) the federal government provides adequate funding for the implementation of the Real ID Act; and
(3) the federal government adopts the changes to the REAL ID Act as outlined in the report entitled ‘The REAL ID Act: National Impact Analysis’ of the National Conference of State Legislature, the National Governor’s Association, and the
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.”

You may be interested in an article by the State Newspaper and you may want to follow the bill’s status.


H. 3136 Cervical Cancer Vaccination

February 27, 2007

H. 3136 is a bill requiring the vaccination of female students with a cervical cancer vaccine series. Although this bill has good intentions of preventing cervical cancer, there is an unnecessary invasion of privacy with this mandate. These decisions are to be left to parents, patients, & their physicians.

We might agree that certain communicable diseases such as measles or rubella warrant required vaccinations. When the public good is at stake, we will allow the intrusion of personal decisions. Conversely, vaccinations for non-contagious conditions do not meet this standard. As a pharmacist, I have witnessed unpredicted side effects with new therapies, even when our approval process is very stringent. Should we force this risk on our citizens to prevent a non-contagious disease?

I have very strong reservations with this legislation.

Your thoughts?

If you would like to follow the status of this bill, you may follow this link

GOP Presidential Charts

February 27, 2007

My son, Tyler found this site: If you visit the site, be warned, pop ups galore

Democratic Presidential Candidates

February 27, 2007

My son, Tyler found this site: If you visit the site, be warned, pop ups galore

Brownback a "Wilberforce Republican"

February 24, 2007

The Caucus, a blog by the New York Times, has an interesting post calling Sam Brownback the “Wilberforce Republican

If you don’t know who he is, never fear—Hollywood is coming to the rescue with Friday’s release of “Amazing Grace.” The film details Mr. Wilberforce’s successful, 20-year effort as a British member of parliament to abolish the slave trade in the British Empire. He was inspired by his evangelical Christian beliefs. And Mr. Brownback, a devout Catholic who was previously an evangelical Protestant, “is deeply inspired by William Wilberforce,” said Brian Hart, his campaign spokesman.
A March 2006 article in The Economist first named Mr. Brownback a “Wilberforce Republican,” referring to his faith-grounded efforts to end human trafficking, fight genocide and AIDS in Africa and to reform prisons.
The Kansas senator is running with the association. Two weeks ago, he introduced a bill to honor the British abolitionist, and today, he will participate in a panel discussion following a screening of “Amazing Grace” in Los Angeles.

“We must continue to follow Wilberforce’s example and fight for the dignity and freedom of every person,” Mr. Brownback said in a press release about the bill. “It is intolerable that 200 years after Britain banned its slave trade, there are still hundreds of thousands of victims of human trafficking who are used as bonded labors, sex slaves, and in other horrifying capacities.”

Muslim Chief accepts Chirst in Sierra Leon

February 23, 2007

On February 15th, our church said goodbye to a group of 4 as they left on a mission trip to Sierra Leon. Larry Reeves, Kent McGahey, Nancy & Greg Vieau will be there until March 3. I just got an e-mail from Larry with the message below:

Yesterday we were at Kondi Farm, Sierra Leone, West Africa, where the Muslim Chief Kondi told us that he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, but that he had been afraid to tell anyone until yesterday. We were overjoyed and introduced him to one of the elders at the new Kondi Farm Church who along with Samuel Menyongar, will begin to meet with him each week in a discipling program. They will also encourage him to be baptised as a first step in becoming a growing disciple. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for the Chief. Larry

Friend of the Taxpayer Award received today

February 21, 2007

I was honored today to receive the “Friend of the Taxpayer” award at the annual luncheon of the South Carolina Association of Taxpayers. As revenues have increased, the General Assembly has continued to insist that this money is to be spent instead of returned to the taxpayers. Last year SC took in $1.1 billion of new money. I offered an amendment to return $250 million (less than a 1/4th). This amendment only got a handful of votes in a Republican controlled Senate! It is my pleasure to keep a keen eye on wasteful and unnecessary spending. We’ll keep pressing on!