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anderson county republican candidates

March 31, 2006

Looks like we’re off to the races in Anderson County. What do ya’ll think?
County Council District 1 Francis Crowder
County Council District 1 Steve Lovelace
County Council District 1 Bob Waldrep
County Council District 2 Marshall Mitchell
County Council District 3 LarryGreer
County Council District 3 Matthew Hilley
County Council District 4 Bill McAbee
County Council District 4 Randy Price
County Council District 4 Joe Renna
County Council District 5 David E. Cothran
County Council District 5 Skip Gilmer
County Council District 5 Mike Holden
County Council District 5 Michael G. Thompson
County Council District 6 Bill Dees
County Council District 6 Rick Freemantle
County Council District 6 Ron Wilson
County Council District 7 Julia Ashley-Barnes
County Council District 7 M. Cindy Wilson
SC House District 10 Dan Cooper
SC House District 6 Brian White
SC House District 7 Michael W. Gambrell
SC House District 7 Dan Harvell
SC House District 8 Don Bowen
SC House District 8 Ted W. Luckadoo
SC House District 8 Becky Martin
SC House District 9 Michael D. Thompson


capital punishment for child rapists passes 38-3

March 28, 2006

Today is a historic moment in SC history! The SC Senate just passed my amendment to allow for capital punishment for child rapists receiving a 2nd conviction. The roll call vote was 38-3. Out of our 46 members, some were not present and some evidently felt uncomfortable with this sentencing & chose to not vote. Should Jessica’s Law pass the house in its amended form, SC will be only the 2nd state to allow for sentencing this severe.

Wednesday morning at 9am I’ll join Sen. Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg) on Fox News and Friends.

I would like to thank our excellent Senate staff . This ground breaking legislation involving capital punishment and probable appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court took many long hours making sure the legislation is crafted correctly. Those mostly involved with this tremendous task were: Mr. Gentry, Mr. Hitchcock, Mr. Linksi, Mr. Moffitt, & Mr. Varat

The most popular questions asked:
1-Why are you asking for punishment this severe? When a child is raped something precious is taken from the child’s soul. They will never recover, therefore, I believe that his invasion of a child warrants capital punishment, especially since the bill calls for a 2nd conviction of child rape. This also sends a message across the world, that SC does not tolerate the molestations of our kids! Will this sentencing keep perverts out of SC? I certainly hope so.
2-Does the amendment jeopardize the rest of Jessica’s Law bill or our current capital punishment statutes? A “severability clause” was included in the amendment to prevent this from happening. Also, the language calls for a separate statute that may isolate this sentencing should we get a court challenge.

child rape death penalty a national story

March 24, 2006

As mentioned before, I submitted an amendment to allow for capital punishment to be sought if an offender was twice convicted of raping a child. This amendment has good support and I am optimistic of its passage. We have the opportunity to make SC the safest place in the nation for children.

Also, if this sentencing is challenged in the courts, Attorney General Henry McMaster has promised to defend SC should we pass such legislation.

I have been pleasantly surprised of the recent media exposure. We’ve had interviews with newspapers, local TV stations and radio talk shows. I have 3 appearances scheduled on National TV.
Saturday, March 25 @ 7:00 am – ABC News
Saturday, March 25 @ 10 pm – CNN
Wednesday, March 29 @ 9:00am – Fox News

Bill O’Reilly’s staff has contacted me in the past, but I haven’t been scheduled yet.

There is a scheduled meeting Tuesday morning with invited guests including the USC school of Law, the SC Prosecutors Association, and Att. Gen. McMaster. The purpose of this meeting is to tweak than language of the amendment to better its chances of surviving a constitutional challenge. I applaud Judiciary and Senate Council for their hard work on this issue!

safety of children v. rights of pedophiles?

March 23, 2006

S. 1138 or “Jessica’s Law” is on special order, that means the bill is at the top of the Senate schedule. I have offered an amendment that says this: anyone convicted for the 2nd time for 1st degree sexual assault on a child is eligible for capital punishment. For the first time in this term, I went to the floor for nearly 2 hours (Sen. Larry Martin added a friendly amendment to clarify my intent). Unfortunately, the debate centered around the constitutionality of the sentence. I am concerned that the SC Senate is more interested in the Constitutional rights of a convicted pedophile than the safety of our children.

I have a serious problem with the argument that we should not vote for laws if there is some chance that the Supreme Court will throw out the law. We are sent to Columbia by our constituents to pass good laws, period. We have our role in government and the courts their role (even though they are often wrong).

My vow is this: I will vote on what is good and right for South Carolina. If higher courts want to reject good law, then we must look at replacing irresponsible judges.

sexual predator captured in Hartsville, now is the time for Jessica’s law! (S. 1138)

March 17, 2006

(Wednesday 03.15.06) The accused, K. G. Hinson kidnapped two 17-year-old girls, brought them to a space he created under a shed (pictured left), tied them up, sexually assaulted them and then left them there. The underground torture chamber is not much larger than a closet with a four-foot ceiling. Thankfully, for the sake of children in Hartsville, Hinson was apprehended on Saturday 03.18.06.

The accused predator has a history. In the year 2000, after serving only 9 of the 18 year sentence, experts found that Hinson would probably pursue sexual violence if not confined in a secure facility. Unfortunately, a judge rejected their advice and released Hinson.

“I think an error was made by the judge in this case. This man should’ve been kept in the system. If so, then this would not have happened.” Attorney General Henry McMaster

“…the average child molester has 117 victims over the course of his lifetime…” Wendy Murphy, former prosecutor

S. 1138 otherwise known as “Jessica’s Law” would require more stringent minimum sentencing, and lifetime electronic monitoring for sex offenders. The bill sponsored by Sen. Knotts is currently under consideration in the SC Senate. If this legislation was currently in effect, these kinds of crimes may be prevented. The minimum sentencing would keep these perverts away from our children and the electronic monitoring would accomplish two things:
1-help parole officers and law enforcement follow the habits of sexual predators
2-make it easier for law enforcement to apprehend suspects if the crime is repeated

I’ve offered an amendment to allow for capitol punishment to be sought in these cases. Although I previously discussed this amendment with several members, it was new to many, therefore carried over until next week. For the safety of children in South Carolina, we need to keep Jessica’s law on the fast track!

to view the complete story you may follow the link below:

Thank you Mr. Chairman! (a tribute to Rep. Ronny Townsend)

March 16, 2006

Today’s blog entry will be devoted to honor Representative Ronny Townsend for his service to Anderson & Abbeville Counties in SC House district 7. Rep. Townsend has always shown statesmanship and dignity since his election to the SC House in 1984, Chairman of the Anderson County Legislative Delegation since 1988, and Chairman of the SC House Education Committee since 1994.

I came to know Rep. Townsend in 1997 when I was elected Anderson County Republican Party Chairman. I will miss serving with Ronny on the delegation, yet look forward to a continued friendship for many, many years to come.

Below is Rep. Townsend’s bio:

Biography:TOWNSEND, Ronald Parker [R]– (Dist. No. 7, Abbeville-Anderson Cos.)–Businessman; residing at 2328 Wright School Rd., Anderson; b. Feb. 17, 1948; s. William R. and Lena Mae (Parker) Townsend; g. Clemson Univ., B.S., 1970; Aug. 2, 1969 m. Patricia Lynn Fields, 2 children, Lisa Marie and Laurie Anne; mem.: Anderson Co. ASCS Co. Com., 1977-83; Bd. of Trustees, Anderson Co. School Dist. Two, 1980-84; Chm., Educ. & Public Works Com., 1995-; Bd. of Dirs., Transportation Infrastructure Bank; Educ. Oversight Com., 1998-02; Southern Regional Educ. Bd., 1995-; Chm., Anderson Co. Legis. Delegation, 1989-; Co-Chair, S.C. Educ. Lottery Oversight Com., 2002; Sun. School & Training Union Teacher, Deacon, Mt. Bethel Baptist Church; prev. serv. in House 1985-05.

Again, thanks Ronny!

we may as well declare evolution theory as a law

March 13, 2006

Just to be upfront with you, I am a creationist according to the literal account in the book of Genesis, yet insist that the recent debate of critical analysis is not about teaching creationism or evolution but allowing an open debate of all theories in the classroom.

The liberal bias in our education establishment has prevailed again in last week’s consideration of inserting critical analysis into our science curiculum. Science is based on critical analysis, skeptismsm, testing and retesting. This is how ideas become theories and theories become become laws. What I cannot understand is that we are barred from the critical analysis of theories of evolution. In other words you can question any other scientific fact, law, or theory, but woe is you if you question the theory of evolution. Whether you consider yourself a creationist or evolutionist or somewhere in betweeen, why should we show any topic favorable treatment and bar examination? Critical analysis is to science what sweet is to taste. These concepts are inseparable.

Ask the question, “Should Darwinism be given special protection from inquiry?” Anyone answering “yes” is indicating a fear of the facts. The SC State Board of Education discussed the issue and here is the results. Conservatives mounted a valiant effort, and the numbers reflect improvement from past boards, but the closed minded liberal side prevailed. The motion was to reject critical anlysis and passed 11-6. Those in oposition are to be commended.

Below is the roll call vote from the SC State Board of Education:
Those voting to oppose the rejection of critical analysis
1. Kristin Maguire, 2. Charles McKinney, 3.Jessie Curtis, 4. Terrye Seckinger, 5. Phillip Shoopman, 6. Ron Wilson
Those voting to accept the rejection of critical analysis
1. John Tindal, 2. Rebecca Burch, 3. Trip DuBard, 4. Ben Mitchell, 5. Diane Sumpter, 6. Virginia Wilson, 7. Kristi Woodall, 8. Al Simpson, 9. Patsy Pye, 10. Mike Forrester, 11. Joe Issac