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Jessica’s Law Plus

December 14, 2005

I will introduce legislation changing Jessica’s Law to allow for the death penalty. Currently, Jessica’s law involves sexual crimes against children. A first conviction will have a minimum sentence of 25 years without parole. A second conviction will get life. My bill will allow the prosecution the death penalty option in second convictions. By the way, the last time SC executed a non murderer was in 1972. The condemned man was convicted of rape.


New Taxes? Bill McAbee says NO

December 14, 2005

Upon a proposal for a new sales tax, my councilman, Bill McAbee stood his ground and voted NO. The resolution passed 5-2. Cindy Wilson joined McAbee. It would create a committee to make plans on spending the new money on our roads with matching funds from the state’s infrastructure bank. Why can’t government fund these projects with spending cuts elsewhere and from growth increases?

Protect Public Prayer

December 14, 2005

In the wake of several lawsuit threats on our city and county council, I will introduce legislation protecting any governmental agency in SC’s right to public prayer without censorship. This is a state version of Congressman Gresham Barrett’s federal bill.

Expect $300 new dollars next year

December 14, 2005

SC could see up to $300 new dollars in next years budget. I will join Sen. Richardson, Ryberg and others in legislation requiring any new money will go to either the trust funds or roads.